Daily private visits with driver to Pienza and Val d'Orcia - Pecorino cheese tasting


A scenery of sweet, wooded ridges and of velvety pasture-lands enfolds like a undulated mantle the enchantment of Pienza.
Small and monumental at the same time, it celebrates the canons of 15th century architecture, conceived by the great Leon Battista Alberti and built by Bernardo Rossellino. The humanistic thought and the Renaissance style fused together creating, in the heart of an antique town, an elegant space with perfect shapes, where volumes and geometries compensate and balance each other. Creator and promoter of these interventions was the illustrious personality native of the town, Enea Silvio Piccolomini, literate and humanist, who at the time ascended the papal throne with the name of Pio II. He wanted to change his town of birth into a temporary residence of the papal court, provided with noble palaces, houses for the people and a majestic Cathedral.
If you happen to visit the town right after the summer equinox or just before the autumn equinox, you will notice an interesting phenomenon: the shadow of the church perfectly fits in the reticule of the pavement, as if the building itself were a gigantic solar meridian.
After having visited the rich salons of the Piccolomini residence, full of antique furniture and memories of the great Pope, one can enjoy the view over the Val d'Orcia by looking down from the roof gardens.
For the joy of the good food lovers we are in the land of the pecorino cheese, a tasty cheese with numerous varieties. Fresh or seasoned, black or rossellino, it comes from the excellent milk of the local sheep, fed with the aromatic grass of the surrounding pasture-lands. They are distinguished into different varieties and shapes: with a dark rind,  with reddish tomato rind and with a yellow rind usually softer, having undergone a shorter aging.
In the restaurants let allow yourselves to be tented by the pici, dressed with home-made sauces. The patisseries churn out pastries made with almond paste, such as the ricciarelli and the panpepato, a classic of the Christmas season but delicious during the rest of the year as well.



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